Cleanroom Brochure

Total Clean Air has a wide variety of technical manuals and brochures available, replete with specifications for a range of cleanroom products and components.

Our brochures are downloadable and designed with the aim of helping you train and instruct your cleanroom personnel with regards cleanroom standards, procedures, policies, best practices, and any other information that might not be easy to remember or intuitively obvious. They can also serve as an easily accessible point of reference that those with access to your cleanroom facility (or certain aspects of it) can utilise to enhance their usage of the facility. Without our cleanroom brochures, your personnel could lose a valuable reference source and thus be prone to mistakes, which may cost your organisation in terms of waste, reduced productivity, possible liability lawsuits, as well as other inefficiencies.

You can utilise our brochures as Corporate Documentation to keep your personnel and other relevant stakeholders apprised of procedures, policies, and regulations pertinent to your cleanroom and its use.

They are also available as Technical Documentation, concerning proper use of cleanroom technology. For instance, when you have a new type or class of cleanroom installed, your personnel will need a manual that they can refer to for matters concerning proper use of the technology; this includes when the system should be serviced, what to do if it fails, and other important details.

Our brochures will also provide details about international standards, government regulations, industry standards, safety standards, and other relevant issues. They are also useful for training purposes and improving the overall competence of your cleanroom personnel.

Phillip Godden

Phillip Godden is the Founder & Chief/Executive Officer at Total Clean Air.

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