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Who We Are

Total Clean Air is one of the leading Cleanrooms providers in the UK. We offer a wide range of services and work in a variety of niche markets. Our goal as Cleanrooms experts is to assist our clients in protecting their critical environments through innovative modular Cleanroom designs.

We design, manufacture, install, assemble and commission a wide range of high quality customised cleanrooms to companies all over the United Kingdom. These cleanrooms include, but are not limited to, Modular Cleanrooms, Hardwall Cleanrooms, Monobloc Cleanrooms and Softwall Cleanrooms. All of these meet the highest international standards for the different industries.

Over the years, Total Clean Air has evolved into a leading cleanroom provider, specialising in not only in designing, but also specification and construction of modular cleanrooms and other controlled environments that are suitable for any industry.

Why Choose Us?

At Total Clean Air, we have a team of experts who are qualified and readily available to provide customised solutions to meet clients’ specific needs and requirements.
Our wide range of services include:

  • Design & Build
  • Free Site Survey
  • Free Design Service
  • Cleanroom Planning
  • Construction and Installation
  • Training and Support
  • Discounted Service Contracts
  • Remedial Works
  • Panel repairs
  • Fully Managed Service
  • CNC Engineered
  • Cleanroom Certification
  • Alterations
  • BMS Management
  • Certification & Validation
  • Smoke Testing and DOP Testing
  • Differential Pressure Qualification
  • Servicing Testing Validation

At Total Clean Air, your contamination control requirements are our priority. Our proven expertise, CTCB certified engineers and ISO classified controlled environments are available to protect your critical processes regardless of your industry or sector.

Your Cleanroom is necessary for the protection of your critical processes and environments. We can help ensure this by providing pneumatic filter installation and maintenance that guarantees filter integrity and efficiency.

Total Clean Air is responsible for numerous completed Cleanroom projects in the UK. Whether high profile, custom, generic, small or large, we are trusted by our clients in Europe to deliver quality Cleanroom solutions.

Key Features of Cleanrooms Delivered by Total Clean Air

At Total Clean Air, our Cleanrooms have several features which can go hand in hand with their installation. Some of the features available for your Cleanroom are:

  • ISO compliant solutions
  • Efficient project management
  • Energy efficient
  • Sound insulating
  • Budget friendly prices on our services
  • A trusted Cleanroom expert with nationwide recognition, who will stand by you throughout the entire lifecycle of your Cleanroom

A Cleanroom is typically designed, set up and required to protect critical environments. Here at Total Clean Air, we can provide our clients with Modular Cleanrooms that convert existing facilities into smart, classified and secure environments.

The design phase of any project is the most important phase and when you collaborate with us during this phase of your project, our team of specialists will offer the most suitable combinations of parameters to guarantee excellent results and optimal security. Technologies such as CFD airflow modelling and point cloud surveys are just some of what we use to plan and ensure performance.

The Total Package

Total Clean Air clients are spread across a variety of industries or sectors, and each of these different industries has specific cleanroom needs which we are required to meet.

We also provide cleanroom furniture and accessories such as Consumables & Equipment, Flooring, Windows, Lighting and CCTV.

Total Clean Air is a supplier of Particle Counters. With our wide range of particle counters, we meet every client’s air monitoring needs. We offer a range of instrumentation for Airborne Particle Counting, Cleanroom Monitoring, and Particle Monitoring Systems all of which are ISO21501-4 and ISO16444 compatible. Our particle counting instruments can be used in a variety of industries including Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Medical Devices, Hospitals, Automotive, Aerospace, and Food/Cosmetics/Beverage.

In addition, our team of expert CTCB-I qualified engineers will guarantee that all Cleanroom validations are executed to International Standard ISO 14644-1:2015. With a secure environment that is validated at this standard, your Cleanroom will protect your critical environments.

Total Clean Air is well placed to advise you on your technical needs in order to help with product selection and configuration.

We aim to provide customised and environmentally friendly Cleanrooms. Our team comprises highly efficient individuals who are interested in delivering critically controlled environments.

If you are ready to start a project with us, or you need more information about our services, contact us for your design, construction and custom Cleanrooms solutions.

Phillip Godden

Phillip Godden is the Founder & Chief/Executive Officer at Total Clean Air.

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