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From food and medicine to cosmetics and machinery, there are numerous applications that require a clean area for successful manufacturing. At Total Clean Air, we offer a wide range of cleanroom services for a variety of niches and industries.

Being one of the biggest Cleanroom providers, we understand how Cleanrooms can make a significant difference in production processes and research. From the initial concept right through to commissioning, we offer the full Cleanroom package, as well as maintenance solutions for all your clean areas or clean air equipment.

At Total Clean Air, we prioritise your process requirements and develop contamination control solutions to ensure optimal risk management within your process. No matter the niche in which you operate, we understand the critical and complex nature of meeting the requirements of regulatory bodies. Furthermore, we know precisely how to get you where you need to be.

Our tailor-made, scalable cleanrooms are constructed in accordance with ISO 14644:2015 classifications. Keeping the air clean whilst facilitating process control, our Cleanrooms are just what you need to manufacture safe products for your market.

At Total Clean Air, we provide clarity and competency in a regulated marketplace. You can trust us as a partner – not simply a seller trying to sell you something. We will work closely with you to design and construct the Cleanroom you need to achieve all your goals.

In addition to designing and building Cleanrooms, we offer a variety of other Cleanrooms services which can be tailor made to suit your needs. For instance, we supply much-needed Cleanroom products to meet the requirements of your cleanroom, no matter how large. We can also help educate your personnel with regards to proper clothing and gowning procedures, amongst other aspects of Cleanroom conduct.

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