What’s the difference between a positive pressure Cleanroom and a negative pressure Cleanroom?

Our positive pressure modular Cleanrooms make use of Fan Filter Units (FFUs) that are self-powered and mounted on the ceiling to force ULPA or HEPA-filtered air into the Cleanroom. As a result, the air pressure created within the room is greater than the ambient pressure, thereby reducing particulate intrusion around minor unsealed areas in ceilings and walls, as well as around doors. Along with the particles which it carries, Cleanroom air is exhausted outside and at the same time, laminar flow of the air coming in is promoted by installing wall venting near floor level.

Our negative pressure modular rooms are built to prevent contaminants from getting into the exterior environment, unlike positive pressure modular Cleanrooms which protect the internal environment. Our default design uses HEPA filters and air handlers or exhausting FFUs to get rid of the air inside. The processes carried out in the Cleanroom contaminate the air, which is then removed to a secure place. Either using filters or directly, external air is drawn into the Cleanroom due to the negative pressure created by the exhaust system.