Budgeting for and planning are the first steps towards installing a top of the line, high performance modular cleanroom environment that suits your company’s needs.  Westbury Cleanrooms have over thirty years of experience in successfully designing, building, and implementing portable cleanrooms in a variety of different sectors, each tailored to meet the specific requirements of the field.  Such experience allows our engineers to accurately design a cleanroom that suits both your needs and your budget while drawing upon countless past successes to provide you with mission critical budgeting and planning services, all with a guarantee of top modular cleanroom performance.


Engineers at Westbury Cleanrooms perform a fully audited site visit in order to gain a complete picture of what is required by you and your company, review site space allowances, and to identify any contamination issues that would need to be taken into account when designing your specific modular cleanroom.  In order to build the perfect product that meets client’s needs without over specification, our project managers and design engineers work alongside the client every step of the way in order to fully understand the need for the cleanroom itself as well as the client’s business imperatives.  At Westbury, estimates on budget are both detailed and specific to client requirements so that there are no hidden costs involved.


  • Perform a thorough audit in order to fully understand the nature of the client’s work, the desired outcomes involving use of a cleanroom, and their business imperatives.
  • Determine cleanroom layout by assessing available facility space and product and people flow.
  • Determine what cleanliness classification is needed to suit the client’s particular needs.
  • Identify whether the room needs negative or positive pressurisation.
  • Identify airflow supply appropriate for specific modular cleanroom environment.
  • Carry out assessment of exfiltration airflow.
  • Finalise balance of air / pressure required.
  • Use past experience to consider and account for industry specific variables.
  • Design modular cleanroom layout.
  • Determine cooling and heating requirements.
  • Determine space allocation for portable cleanroom.