Westbury Cleanrooms has been leading the industry in customised portable cleanrooms for over thirty years.   We specialise in delivering both flexible design solutions and a ten year guarantee on all of our work. Westbury Cleanroom project managers oversee every step of the design and build process, giving them full working experience in projecting cost efficiency and constructability, from first contact with the client to the client’s acceptance of the final product.


Westbury Cleanrooms is dedicated to delivering the best quality cleanrooms in the industry, and that is in part due to our thorough construction protocol which is tailored to each individual classification of cleanrooms we construct.  We realise that the cleanliness involved in constructing a cleanroom is of the upmost importance to ensure a modular cleanroom’s long term success.  In fact, we are so confident in our process that we offer a ten year guarantee on all bespoke portable cleanrooms we produce.


  • Senior Project Manager – The person who oversees every angle of the project and keeps the process running smoothly to ensure quality, timing, and performance.
  • Engineering Manager – Westbury Engineering Managers insure the our bespoke modular cleanrooms meet and exceed all design criteria.
  • Superintendent – The Superintendent is in place throughout the completion of each project and is the main overseer of coordination of individual members and departments
  • Skilled tradesmen – Carry out the construction of our cleanrooms to the highest of standards.