Portacabin Cleanrooms

A portacabin Cleanroom is a portable, demountable or transportable Cleanroom that is designed and built to be movable, rather than permanently located. Portacabin Cleanrooms are often thought to be the same as modular Cleanrooms, because of the numerous similarities.

However, portacabin Cleanrooms are different in that they are more often used temporarily and taken away later, whereas modular Cleanrooms are not necessarily temporary structures. Total Clean Air is a reputable manufacturer and supplier of portacabin Cleanrooms in the UK. Our portacabin Cleanrooms control temperature, humidity and cleanliness at required levels. Our wide clear span designs fit around equipment without interference. Our portacabin Cleanrooms are manufactured in line with industry quality standards, using premium grade materials. We offer an economical approach to your Cleanroom needs and strive to supply the most cost-effective products on the market.

No matter your Cleanroom needs – whether to add or upgrade an existing room, build an entirely new room, install a single Cleanroom component or set up a portable softwall – we can deliver impeccable services that surpass all your needs. We design and manufacture deck systems, fan cabinets and the various control and monitoring panels required. This process ensures the highest quality Cleanroom possible, as well as on-time delivery and close quality control. Our prime goal at Total Clean Air is to assist our clients in protecting their critical environments via innovative Cleanroom designs.

Modular Cleanroom Benefits

  • Modular Construction
  • Quick Assembly Time
  • Versatility
  • Reconfiguration
  • Airflow Control
  • Inexpensive Modifications

An Understanding of Portacabin Cleanrooms

Portable Cleanrooms have been around for quite some time. The most familiar modern type of portable Cleanrooms are those designed to be carried to or from site on a large lorry, before being slung on and off by a crane.

Portacabin Cleanrooms have various uses; for instance, they are often used in rural facilities, where it would be difficult or almost impossible to construct Cleanrooms on site. Also, manufacturing facilities with several locations often utilise portacabin Cleanrooms, taking advantage of its portable nature to provide Cleanroom technology for various locations.

Portacabin Cleanrooms are often built by joining units and form large blocks over several floors. These are often disguised as a normal building with brick style cladding and traditional pitched roof. Partition walls are used to separate areas of the Cleanroom, forming the workplace area, as well as a storage unit for larger items. All air handling and filtration equipment modules are built into the ceiling. Hook-ups for electrics and plumbing are incorporated as part of the design.

The nature of our portacabin Cleanroom systems ensures they can be reconfigured and moved with no loss of material investment. The components can be assembled in a fraction of the time needed for conventional construction, while their pre-engineered design means there’s little to no on-site fabrication, providing a clean-build alternative over traditional construction. Expanding a portacabin Cleanroom can be easily accomplished by taking off a wall and adding another module.

At Total Clean Air, we are experts in designing and installing a wide range of customised portacabin Cleanrooms for your facility. We employ innovative methods and pride ourselves in meeting any Cleanroom specification, regardless of size or shape. Our Cleanroom enclosures can be environmentally controlled to maximise performance by protecting sensitive equipment from harsh surrounding environments.

We can manufacture a portacabin Cleanroom of just a few square meters to hundreds of square meters, and this can be installed around any existing machinery. Our portacabin Cleanrooms are designed in such a way that they can be extended or relocated. This means you can grow your production area as demand increases.

Our bespoke portacabin Cleanrooms create classified environments to protect processes from harmful airborne contamination, thereby reducing failure rates and helping organisations get it right first time. Our wall systems are available in several panel finishes, including vinyl, painted steel, aluminium, PVC or a fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) finish to protect against damage and simultaneously resist stringent cleaning processes.

Using our various Cleanroom accessories, we are able to control the temperature and humidity of the room and isolate the manufacturing process from outside dirt contamination, thus ensuring the best possible manufacturing results.

Cleanroom Design, Build & Validation

  • Budgeting and planning
  • Engineering, design & layout
  • Airflow and filtration design
  • Construction and Installation
  • Full Certification of our product
  • Industry-specific equipment installation
  • Validation

Benefits of Portacabin Cleanrooms over Fixed Cleanrooms

Our portable, free-standing Cleanrooms have many distinct advantages over their fixed wall counterparts. Apart from the advantage of mobility, here are some of the other benefits of our portacabin Cleanrooms:

  • Using portacabin Cleanrooms greatly reduces design, engineering and construction time, thereby reducing costs.
  • Since they are not an integral part of a larger structure, our portacabin Cleanrooms can be taken down and moved to other facilities or even sold as an asset. Fixed wall Cleanrooms do not have this flexibility.
  • These free-standing structures can withstand the high volume of airflow required to achieve ISO classified, ultra-clean environments.
  • The amount of time it takes to construct a portacabin Cleanroom is much less than constructing a permanent walled structure. It can take several months to construct a fixed wall Cleanroom, due to the amount of design and engineering, as well as the various trades involved. However, a fairly sophisticated portacabin can be constructed in just a few weeks.
  • The prefabricated design allows the room to be expanded, relocated or reconfigured into a different shape or made into multiple smaller rooms.
  • Onsite assembly and dismantling of a portacabin Cleanroom is also less disruptive to surrounding operations in comparison to their fixed wall counterparts.
  • Localised design for portacabin is energy efficient, leading to a reduction in running costs.

Why Choose Total Clean Air for Your Portacabin Cleanrooms?

When you need spacious, hygienic and secure Cleanroom technology – whether for a research institution, university, hospital, laboratory, testing facility or pharmaceutical purposes – the range of portable Cleanrooms from Total Clean Air can be designed to fulfil your every requirement. Here are some of the reasons why we are the foremost choice for your portacabin Cleanroom needs:

  • The vast column-free spaces created within our portacabin Cleanrooms can be configured and fitted out to meet your needs, including any specialist equipment, sterile working areas or secure storage facilities you may require.
  • We provide secure, hygienic, easy-clean portacabin Cleanrooms, designed for any application.
  • Our robust, all-steel buildings offer the benefit of wipe-clean surfaces throughout, enabling you to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Your portacabin Cleanroom will be fully plumbed and fitted with all the data connections, power sockets and gas supply points you need.
  • Our versatile, column-free buildings enable you to create rooms of any size, with any internal layout.
  • We provide portacabin Cleanrooms that are fully scalable and easily extended or relocated, regardless of size.
  • Our portacabin Cleanrooms are fitted out with hard-wearing benches, work surfaces and tough epoxy-resin sinks, as well as all the alarm and security features you’ll need.
  • The equipment and installations are easy to maintain with wipe-clean surfaces for a safe and hygienic Cleanroom.
  • We ensure our portacabins are equipped to your specifications with gas taps, secure storage cupboards, fume cupboards and any other specialist facilities.
  • Our portacabin Cleanrooms can be stand-alone buildings or incorporated into any larger building.
  • With our portacabin Cleanrooms, you have the freedom to choose climate-control systems to create a comfortable, controllable working environment all year round.
  • We deliver on time and on budget.

Features of Our Portacabin Cleanrooms

At Total Clean Air, we are a top designer, manufacturer and contractor for portable Cleanrooms. Our load bearing wall and deck systems are ideally suited for all controlled environments. We are specialists in the turnkey design, engineering, pre-fabrication, installation, start-up and testing for ISO 14644, Class 1 to Class 9 portacabin Cleanrooms.

We can design and manufacture wall and deck systems, blowers or fan cabinets, as well as the various control and monitoring panels required. This process ensures the highest quality Cleanroom possible, on-time delivery and close quality control. Some of our services and portacabin Cleanroom features include:

  • HEPA and ULPA fan filter units
  • ACS2000 power saver, ACS3000 room monitoring system: T/RH/Air pressure
  • Air showers
  • Pass throughs
  • Equivalent or superior performance and durability
  • Fast clean installation with minimum on-site disruption
  • Easily modified for expansion or changing needs
  • Load-bearing wall
  • Top desk panels
  • Recirculation fan cabinets
  • Custom air handlers
  • Softwall
  • Containment modules
  • Portability and mobility
  • Positive and negative pressure
  • P3 containerised Cleanrooms
  • Cleanroom equipment and furnishings

Total Clean Air for a Guaranteed Secure Environment for your Critical Processes

At Total Clean Air, your contamination control requirements are our top priority. Whether you’re searching for a new portacabin Cleanroom, an update to your existing facility, mechanical upgrades, tight temperature, humidity specifications or Cleanroom components and accessories, we can handle any detail whatsoever.

Upon your request, we can provide our experienced CTCB-i certified engineers and ISO classified controlled environments for your UK facility to protect critical processes and add value to your operations, irrespective of industry.

Phillip Godden

Phillip Godden is the Founder & Chief/Executive Officer at Total Clean Air.

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