Mechanical Engineering In Cleanroom

If your organisation operates within the mechanical engineering sector, you’ll need a cleanroom that delivers flexibility, secured processes and much more. At Total Clean Air, we offer installation, replacement, repair, and a variety of other cleanroom services to match the unique needs of those in the engineering sector. This includes the provision of cleanrooms with flexible dimensions and layout, such as our state of the art modular cleanrooms.

We can also provide a cleanroom solution to secure a single machine interface. This particular solution can entirely or partly cover existing equipment or setups. Simply tell us what your requirements are; after a thorough evaluation, we’ll provide the most suitable solution to satisfy your long term needs and industry standards.

Total Clean Air supplies canopies and unidirectional laminar flow for a variety of purposes in organisations involved in mechanical engineering processes. The engineering sector processes for which our services can secure and minimise contamination include:

  • Automotive
  • Cleaning and packaging
  • Composite manufacturing
  • Injection moulding
  • Optics
  • Precision extrusion
  • Printing

Modular Cleanroom Benefits

  • Modular Construction
  • Quick Assembly Time
  • Versatility
  • Reconfiguration
  • Airflow Control
  • Inexpensive Modifications

Minimising Contamination and Boosting Performance

Total Clean Air will help build your expertise via a cleanroom design process that’s tailored to suit your unique mechanical engineering needs. This includes the integration of an HVAC system in your cleanroom to help positively influence project outcomes.

Effective design is key to achieving proper air flow distribution and maintaining the air quality most appropriate for your cleanroom operations. This also paves the way to reduce energy consumption, maximise efficiency, increase yield, ensure staff comfort, and reduce operating and maintenance costs.

In order to achieve an effective cleanroom design, comprehensive environmental controls are necessary to minimise the risk of airborne particles by keeping them contained within a specified range or level. This will also involve the steady control of temperature and humidity.

In mechanical engineering applications, airborne contaminants and other particulates can compromise the integrity of sensitive components, thus negatively impacting the quality or functionality of the finished product.

Aside from protecting critical processes, integrity of research and manufactured products, it will also protect staff with access to the cleanroom by ensuring they are not exposed to dangerous elements. ISO standards make provisions for four crucial goals of cleanroom design for mechanical engineering. These four goals provide for heating, ventilation and air conditioning within the cleanroom.

The first goal requires that the design must effectively protect the controlled environment from being compromised by outside contaminants.

Second is contamination from within, which must also be effectively safeguarded against. This implies that the design of the cleanroom must protect it against contaminants by purging the secure environment of fumes, particles or other by-products created by processes and/or equipment within the cleanroom environment.

Thirdly, monitoring of air quality levels must be given priority at all times. Negative changes in air quality must be responded to in a timely fashion and appropriately to rectify the necessary challenges. Lastly, failsafe systems for contaminant elimination must be a part of the cleanroom design.

Cleanroom Design, Build & Validation

  • Budgeting and planning
  • Engineering, design & layout
  • Airflow and filtration design
  • Construction and Installation
  • Full Certification of our product
  • Industry-specific equipment installation
  • Validation

How the Right HVAC System will contribute to your Mechanical Engineering Cleanroom

Our extensive experience serving a wide range of corporations across various niches confirms that we are the specialists best qualified to satisfy your cleanroom needs. One of the ways in which we can effectively deliver this is with the design and installation of the most suitable HVAC system for your secured environment.

We accomplish this by systematically sizing, configuring and situating equipment within your cleanroom to deliver maximum efficiency, but minimise capital and operating costs. Another of our strategies is the installation of only products that have been verified as being high-efficiency. This includes the installation of energy efficient advanced filtration technology.

We’ll also cover the installation of HVAC controls and appropriate Building Management Systems to guarantee the long term performance of your cleanroom. This will enable you to conveniently and continuously monitor assess airflow, humidity, temperature, pressure, and other aspects to maximise cleanroom efficiency and protection.

Talk to Total Clean Air Today About Your Mechanical Engineering Cleanroom

At Total Clean Air, our priority is the success of your cleanroom project. Our team is fully focused on delivering the most suitable solution, with best results every time. We are ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 accredited, which means we are more than capable of helping you achieve best working conditions in your cleanroom.

Call us today to discuss your cleanroom project needs, and we’ll immediately get to work improving your facility’s overall performance.

Phillip Godden

Phillip Godden is the Founder & Chief/Executive Officer at Total Clean Air.

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