Cleanroom Certification

Our thirty years of experience in the industry have made us experts in modular cleanroom certification  and we always make sure our cleanrooms meet with the highest of standards in order to deliver the most accurate and reliable cleanrooms on the market.

Westbury Cleanrooms designs and develops modular cleanrooms used in an array of different industries that require a contamination-free production environment, such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, aerospace development, military equipment development, and biotech industries just to name a few.  In order to maintain regulatory compliance within a given industry as well as the sanctity of the cleanliness of your cleanroom, proper certification is required to ensure the quality of the cleanroom environment.  We offer a wide array of testing and certification services for all of our custom portable cleanrooms in order to ensure they meet with regulatory, industry, research, and business requirements.

Westbury Cleanrooms supplies all clients with comprehensive and detailed reports of all tests and procedures ran during the certification process, so that the client can be sure their bespoke portable cleanroom meets all of their business and industry needs.

Cleanroom Certification FAQ’s

A wide array of industries depend on cleanroom cleanliness and functionality, such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, military equipment production, aerospace development, and biotechnology.    Westbury Cleanrooms is committed to ensuring all of our modular cleanrooms meet with industry standards, both for our company and yours.  As such, certification is a necessary final step in cleanroom building and installation to ensure that regulatory compliances are met.   Westbury Cleanrooms offers a number of certification options to make certain that our portable cleanrooms are meeting industry, regulatory, business, and research requirements.

Clients of Westbury Cleanrooms can be sure they are receiving only the very best in modular cleanroom functionality as we supply detailed, comprehensive reports of all tests ran during the certification process.

How often does a cleanroom need testing?

Though this can vary quite a bit depending on industry and usage of the modular cleanroom, most people elect to test once per year.   More regulated industries, such as with pharmaceuticals, may require new certification every six months.  No matter the industry, however, whenever you have cause to have the cleanroom re-certified (such as after a contamination event) it is best to do so.

How long does the test take?

This is variant depending on how many rooms your modular cleanroom contains.   For most industries, a budget of twenty minutes per room is a good rule of thumb.

Certification Steps

  • Using standard operating procedure, the cleanroom is observed for proper start up validation and protocol.
  • Inspections are carried out to ensure all systems and features included in the design specification are present and working in the final product.
  • Test and start up reports are ran on cleanroom capacity, and focus on ensuring all electrical, control, and mechanical systems are working to specifications.
  • System compliance to client specifications is tested including all on board systems.

Our Certification Process

  • The cleanroom is observed for proper validation and start-up protocol using standard operating procedure.
  • Westbury Cleanrooms uses inspection reports to begin validating the cleanroom and ensure that systems accounted for in the inspection reports are installed to design specifications.
  • Cleanroom capacity is documented in detail in both test and start up reports, with attention focused on ensuring all control, mechanical, and electrical systems are installed and working to design.
  • All systems included in the design specifications are tested, with reports to document system compliance to client specifications.

Our Standard Certification Includes

  • Class 100-100k ISO 4-8
  • Use of NIST calibrated instruments
  • Air pressure differential room test
  • Particle count
  • Humidity and temperature monitoring
  • Data maps included with detailed test report
  • Pass certificate for framing
  • HEPA FFU Air flow tests