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At Total Clean Air, we are dedicated to delivering bespoke Cleanroom solutions that work for our clients, no matter what they do and the niche in which they operate. In all the industries we work, we recognise the challenges faced by our clients. By approaching each challenge with flexible, logical and practical solutions, we are able to deliver a service you’ll find more than satisfactory.

We’ve been awarded contracts previously to design and construct Cleanroom solutions across various industries. From food packaging and pharmaceuticals to cosmetics and nanotech, we understand the nuances of designing and constructing Cleanrooms to perfectly suit the industry in question.

For every project we’ve worked on, we strived to ensure the Cleanroom was up and running in good time. On some occasions, we’ve been able to complete work even before the estimated time, giving the client more time to get the Cleanroom ready for production.

Using only the best quality materials, we are able to provide our customers some of the best guarantees in the industry. Our modular Cleanrooms are designed to make it easy for you to keep them clean and free of contaminants. With controls such as pressure, temperature and humidity, you can always ensure the area remains in optimal conditions for your products or processes.

Cleanrooms can take on various shapes and sizes, depending on your needs. We can construct Cleanrooms with several small compartments to accommodate different aspects of the production process, which need different conditions. We can design and construct small or expansive Cleanrooms to the precise level of cleanliness required.

To see some of the work we’ve completed in the past, please read on. If you don’t see anything within your particular niche, Please get in touch with us or Call us on

Phillip Godden

Phillip Godden is the Founder & Chief/Executive Officer at Total Clean Air.

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